Disc Replacement Exercise After Disc Replacement

Unlike other back surgeries, recovery from disc replacement generally progresses quickly. Though total recovery from disc replacement can take months, standing and walking can take place shortly after the procedure. Surprisingly, light exercise is often encouraged to aid the healing process.

Exercise to Promote Healing

The first few weeks after disc replacement surgery are vital to your overall recovery. Among other instructions, many patients are advised to complete specific exercises on a regular basis. Commonly, low-impact activities such as walking and stretching are encouraged. However, it’s important not to participate in exercise that involves hyperextension.

Physical Therapy

Post-surgical physical therapy or rehabilitative services are sometimes recommended. While supervised by a licensed physical therapist, certain exercises can assist in recovery and expedite the restoration of normal movement.

Exercises to Avoid Post-Surgery

Unless advised otherwise by your physician, any exercise that involves hyperextension, including aerobics and high-impact exercise, should be avoided. Because your body is still healing, any damage or stress to the SI joints can result in complications.

Discuss Aftercare with Your Physician. Prior to a disc replacement surgery, it’s important to discuss complete aftercare instructions with your physician. Assistance will likely be required to administer medication and to complete household tasks, such as cooking and cleaning.