Disc Replacement Relieves PainDisc Replacement Relieves Pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating and affects millions of Americans. Especially for those over 45, chronic pain can lead to an inability to work and enjoy time with loved ones. When medication, exercise, and physical therapy have not successfully responded to pain, it may be beneficial to understand how disc replacement relieves pain.

What is Disc Replacement?

Artificial disc replacement begins when an incision is made to access the vertebrae. The original disc is then removed and replaced with an artificial one. Because the artificial disc is designed to resemble your natural discs, it restores normal functioning in the spine while stabilizing the area.

Why Does Disc Replacement Relieve Pain?

Over time, discs can become injured, inflamed or deteriorate. Artificial disc replacement involves the removal of this pain-causing disc in exchange for a new one. Though a damaged or inflamed disc is not always linked to SI joint dysfunction, it usually attributes to pain severity. Therefore, disc replacement can significantly reduce symptoms of lower back pain.

Other Options for Pain Relief

Disc replacement is not an appropriate procedure for everyone and should be discussed in detail with a specialist. Less invasive options for the relief of SI joint pain include exercise, medication and SI joint injections.