SI Joint FusionOptions for lower back pain relief vary from exercise and medication to injections and surgery. When back pain is related to SI joint dysfunction, three surgical procedures have proven to help patients restore normal functioning. Discussing these options with your medical specialist is the best way to determine which one is right for you.

SI Joint Fusion

As minimally-invasive surgical options, SI joint fusion procedures help relieve pain by grafting bone onto the SI joint, keeping it in place. This immobilization of the SI joint inhibits inflammation and irritation.

SI Joint Facet Resurfacing

Unlike joint fusion, SI joint facet resurfacing involves perfecting an SI joint’s ability to move smoothly. Both SI joint fusion and facet resurfacing have helped patients restore functioning and move normally without pain.

Disc Replacement

Pain treatment options can also include disc replacement surgery. During this procedure, a problematic disc is replaced with an artificial one, which promotes normal functioning and mobility of the spine.

What to Discuss

When weighing your surgical options, make sure to explore the risks, benefits, procedures, and aftercare involved with each. Depending on your personal history, SI joint pain treatment history and specific diagnosis, some surgical options are more appropriate than others.