Accurate DiagnosisDisc replacement surgery is only as effective as the accuracy of the diagnosis it is treating. Simply stated, the wrong diagnosis can lead to unnecessary surgery when other treatments may be appropriate. In addition to SI joint dysfunction, lower back pain can originate from the following factors.

Vertebral Fractures

Depending on family history, diet and personal medical history, brittle bones can cause small vertebral fractures. Over time, these fractures can cause severe pain that calls for immediate action. An accurate diagnosis will result in the proper treatment of vertebral fractures, which generally includes a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty.


Though often discovered and monitored prior to mid-adulthood, scoliosis can lead to ongoing pain and discomfort. In fact, scoliosis can exacerbate SI joint pain, leading to the need for a combination of treatment methods.


As joints and ligaments age, they lose the ability to hold the vertebrae in place properly. This can result in the vertebrae loosening and sliding over the spinal nerves. If left untreated, pressure on nerves can result in long-term damage.

An Accurate Diagnosis is a Necessity

An overview of these three causes of back pain alone makes it clear that an accurate diagnosis is required prior to moving forward with treatment. Meet with an experienced medical specialist for a comprehensive diagnostic exam.