SI Joint Pain ManagementSI joint dysfunction can cause severe pain, discomfort and an inability to function. When considering SI joint pain management, many factors come into play. Within the range of non-invasive and surgical options, patients experiencing SI joint pain are able to tackle pain management naturally without surgical procedures. Prior to choosing disc replacement, ask your physician about the following pain management options.

  • Exercise. Back pain management can be difficult if there are multiple sources of pain. Simple, low-impact exercises can reduce symptoms without the need for medication or surgery.
  • Medication. Both over-the-counter and prescription medications can target the cause of pain symptoms, making medication an effective, non-invasive pain management option. However, stronger medications can cause drowsiness and carry a risk of dependency.
  • Injections. Many people suffering with SI joint pain have found relief with the help of periodic injections. This pain management option consists of an acetaminophen and corticosteroid mixture that reduces inflammation and improves mobility.

Discuss Pain Management Options with Your Doctor

Working with a medical specialist is the best way to thoroughly review your SI joint pain management options. While disc replacement can provide long-term pain relief, less invasive procedures, like SI joint injections, may also be available.