SI Joint PainSurgery for SI joint pain, including disc replacement and SI joint fusion, may be prevented if medication is effective. Over-the-counter and prescription medications have helped many patients experience much-needed relief from SI joint pain.

OTC Medication for SI Joint Pain

SI joint pain can affect the lower back, buttocks and thighs, leading to an inability to move normally and complete daily tasks. Many individuals suffering from lower back pain opt for over-the-counter medication, like acetaminophen and naproxen, for short term pain relief. If SI joint pain persists or worsens, a prescription medication may be helpful.

Prescription Medication for SI Joint Pain

After receiving an accurate diagnosis, you can review treatment options. In addition to exercise and physical therapy, prescription medication can reduce pain and provide supplementary relief of symptoms.

  • NSAIDs. Prescription strength NSAIDs are stronger than over-the-counter versions, providing greater symptom relief.
  • Opioids. Though there is a risk of dependency with opioids, they do help some individuals with SI joint dysfunction experience reduced pain.
  • Corticosteroids. Taken orally or by injection, corticosteroids reduce inflammation and irritation of the SI joints with minimal risk.

Speak with a Specialist: Prior to considering a surgical procedure, discuss medication options with a specialist. Often, a combination of non-invasive treatment methods can help individuals restore normal functioning.