Disc ReplacementBefore Disc Replacement

Disc replacement can help alleviate SI joint pain and improve overall quality of life. Though the idea of disc replacement surgery can be overwhelming, it’s important to discuss the risks and benefits of with a medical specialist. When meeting with your physician, review the following topics.

Other Solutions for Pain

Spinal surgery is usually considered after other treatment solutions have failed. For SI joint pain, some patients experience pain relief after consistent exercise, physical therapy or medication regimens. For others, SI joint injections are effective. Prior to choosing disc replacement surgery, discuss other solutions with your doctor.

Is Disc Replacement Right for You?

Before choosing any form of surgery, it’s important to understand the procedure and potential risks involved. Like all surgical solutions, disc replacement surgery comes with its own set of benefits and risks. Additionally, some patients with SI joint dysfunction may not be eligible for disc replacement surgery for other health-related reasons.

Post-Surgery Considerations

Finally, aftercare and post-surgical instructions should be reviewed with your physician. A short hospital stay usually follows disc replacement surgery, but activities like standing and walking can resume quicker than they can after other back surgeries. Because complete recovery can last months, discussing aftercare with your doctor is a must.