SI Joint DysfunctionSI Joint Dysfunction

Surgery can be an effective solution to pain from SI joint dysfunction. From SI joint fusion to disc replacement surgery, patients have many options when traditional treatments, like medication and exercise, are ineffective. When considering surgery for SI joint dysfunction, review the following factors.

Surgical Procedures

As someone suffering from SI joint pain, there are a range of surgical procedures available to you. Minimally-invasive surgeries include SI joint fusion or SI joint facet resurfacing, while disc replacement is slightly more invasive and has a longer recovery time. Before choosing surgery for SI joint dysfunction, be sure to discuss each available procedure with a physician.

Exercise after Surgery

Depending on the type of surgery you undergo, there will be exercise rules and limitations afterward. Specifically, recovery from disc replacement surgery involves the need to complete low-impact exercises, such as walking and stretching. Other surgeries may allow a more immediate range of motion, so it’s important to review the post-surgical limitations for each.

Post-Surgical Follow Up. After any surgery, follow up with your physician is critical. In addition to physical therapy, some surgeries require multiple follow ups to ensure proper healing. To choose the procedure most appropriate to your unique situation, review the benefits and risks of each procedure with your physician.